I guess Steinberg came out with a new version. Read the article on it:


So what do you think? If you try to open any instru/fx in a host that doesn’t support vst3, will it work (but under vst2)? Also, did the developers of RNS2 keep vst3 in mind? I know it claims at the bottom of the article that cubase 4 is the only one that supports vst3 so far (but since most people don’t know about Renoise, that’s why I asked that last one).

Didn’t vst2 come out not too long ago?

you’ll notice that article is over 2 years old… I don’t think many VSTs have been developed using VST3 … and I doubt many hosts are supporting it because of that. Steinberg has to give people incentive to use the new technology.

holy shit! it is two years old. ha ha

The reason why I looked at this was cause I was looking at FabFilter Twin2 and it was saying something about vst3. That plug was released just last month so I assumed that all that jazz was new.

Yes, Steinberg lately tries to push the new version a bit. The API is powefull but also complicated as hell, so not many plugin devs are using it yet. I think we should wait a bit until the standard settles. So far all new plugins are released as VST2s as well…

That makes sense, why added it if no one’s using it?

From this year, and they say it’s easy to implement?

I understand this news and the ‘easy to implement’ is about an update from 3.x to 3.02