Vstfx Midi Receive Capability

I apologize in advance if i lack eloquence in describing my request.

One important feature that Renoise lacks is the ability to send midi data (notes) to VST fx that require midi input. In say, ableton live, one only needs to select simple routing options in the track I-Os to send midi data from one track to a receiving VST. The lack of this feature is significant to the extent that it inhibits the use of certain VST types rather than a VST specific incompatibility.

My personal frustration stems from my inability to use the sugar bytes robotronic vocoder, which uses real-time midi data to “play” the effect (again this is easily achieved in most other environments). If anyone has another example where a lack of midi routing has prevented you from using an otherwise fully functional vst, please add your support to this request.

Thanks for listening!


automating any VST FX via MIDI is not possible, and this is indeed a pity (for example: Amplitube’s wah wah)

anyway this is a well known missing feature so there are chances that this will be added soon

There are also VSTi synths which can receive audio to act as vocoders - the late great Arguru’s Voyager for example:

This should also be implemented as part of the same greater ‘problem’.