Vstfx /w More Than 15 Parameters

the scenario:
i recently obtained “Ohmforce Frohmage VST” which is a really nice filter plugin with lots of parameters.
if i press the the arrowdown button left to the “open editor” entry of the VST plug, i’m presented a real lot of controllable parameters - there actually are 100+ of them.
unfortunately i’m only able to automate the first 15 (10xx-1Exx) parameters, since entry no. 16 already has hex value 20xx, which actually links to the 1st parameter of VST effect no.2 and not the 16th parameter of VST effect no.1.
so how am i able to automate all the other parameters behind no.15?
and please don’t suggest using automation envelopes - i know it works, but i don’t like that way of automation.

i furthermore noticed, that the amount of parameters being displayed when pressing the arrowdown button is limited, too - there are essential sliders missing like the resonance for band#1 in ohmforce frohmage, for example.

edit: furthermore, the frohmage manual gives information about so called “NRPN” sub-parameters, which can be used for modulation/automation - any way to access these with renoise?

guys, atm use envelopes… command’s control way is suggested…

it would already help a lot if one was able to cycle the needed parameters around, so that we could arrange all the parameters to be automized among the first 15 entries of the plugin which would enable us to use them as pattern effects from 10xx-1Exx.
as they’re static now, the majority just cannot be accessed and the ones being accessible are most commonly those you don’t wanna automize anyways - quite a waste of valuable space.
and it’s just a pitty the pattern effect column only has four digits :(

any concrete plans from the developers on how to overcome this issue?

i repeat use the envelopes. just use shift+rightclick instead usual rightclick. the current way of automation is a heritage of noise trekker. i agree the automation could be better, but we have to keep in mind the compatibility and stuff.

there are plans, i moaned about this one a lot, no worries.

zed, there is no need to repeat a recommendation of yours which i asked to refrain from suggesting in my initial post.
( reciting myself: “and please don’t suggest using automation envelopes - i know it works, but i don’t like that way of automation.” )

envelopes are in most situations way too inaccurate and its a tough job to hit certain parameter values precisely, because you have to use the mouse to adjust them, and besides that they even work with percentage values, which is a minus as well.

well, first all, i don’t like to read big post on english, secondly, i posted the only thing i could say. envelopes is the only way to automate more than N 15 parameter. there is no other way atm, so, the topic more related to “suggestion” than “help and support”. third, i also said before about this problem. fourth, the dev aslo know this is the pain, be sure.

i also don’t like envelopes in some cases. it got many minuses.

It seems that with VstIAutomationDevice, you can only assign sliders to 14 different parameters, but I’m sure this can be extended to 16 (1 hex digit, so $0-$F).

But what do to indeed when there’s tens of parameters that you ALL want to change?

And when you use Envelopes, there are also only 14 different parameters instead of all of them.
It’s a bit “meagre” when you have an instrument with 50+ parameters and you carefully have to pick 14 (or 16) you can automate. I think another digit is in order. :)

I just realised I tested this with a VSTi instead of an effect, but the same problem arises.