Vsti : Addictive Drums With Renoise Question

Hi all,

I’ve tried Addictive Drums for the first time with Renoise, it does seem pretty neat.

However it seems I cannot send any notes from the Addictive Drums interface to the Renoise host. Is this normal? Does this work on other hosts?

What is the best way to control the different instruments? It’s kind of a shame to have to manually enter a note when there’s a pretty neat interface… Plus I cannot get the same level of control if I do it manually (ie a snare drum is actually spread over 3 or 4 keys with different velocities… )

Please let me know if you have any ideas ;)


If you talk about routing separate percussion elements to specific tracks:

“Cannot send any notes from the addictive drums to the Renoise host”, you mean the sequences?
I guess it is a similar way to trigger those using one note as with most VST sequence players (Like ReVisit).
Probably if you would run Addictive drums as a Solo application and MIDI wire it to Renoise, you might be able to send notes using MIDI Yoke. But it seems with the demo, only the VST or RTA comes along and not a standalone executable.

I do enjoy the demo edition… i thought four percussion samples would be very crippled, but they used multilayered and multieffects with each percussion element.

Thanks for the response.
I figured out the bus thing after a while. I’m still stuck with the triggering. I don’t even know if Addictive Drums can be used this way (to send the clicks on its own interface as midi notes to the host), couldn’t find any references to it in the manual…

In this video, you can see the guy actually drag a template to the sequencer and have its notes all displayed out…:

It works in Renoise as well, do save your song!!, what this tool actually does is let Renoise import a MIDI file.
Click on a pattern template and drag it into Renoise from the VST editor.
Perhaps Renoise should treat such event a little different instead of “just” importing a midi file.

cool :)

I saw that tutorial and tried, but when the save xrns dialog appeared I thought that featured hadn’t been implemented yet, guess I was underestimating Renoise ;)

Going to try the midi yoke thing and will let u know ;)

thanks for the response!