Vsti Automation Problem

I want to assign an VSTi automation to a track. I select the VSTi in the instrument box. Go to Meta Devices -> VstiAutomateDevice and it says No Instrument Selected! Now when I close Renoise start with a new song and insert a vsti in the instrument box it works! Is there something I’ve missed here maybe hit a button I shouldn’t have?

Ok, I’m totally lost now… Every song I open cannot use VstAutomation even in 1.5 I get the same No Instrument Selected message. So what the hack is going on here?

Ok this was fun (not!) :lol: I drink to much coffee I guess… :w00t: I had my VSTi up high in the instruments list. Normally the VSTi Automation link the selected instrument you are using. After browsing en clicking I discovered the linked instrument tab within de VSTi Automation overview. So I started to click thru it and finnallt way up there the VSTi’s are shown and linked… Thanks for listening you’ve been a great audience! :P

That was me steking mijn tongue uit… :D