Vsti Automation

okay, I got this massive VSTI plug, with over 10000 automatable commands…

Is there any way to see in renoise which controllor i’ve changed last in the vsti plug so I can automate it with the automate device?

I don’t feel like trying 1000’s of controllers myself before finding the right one.

help? :blink: :unsure:

Is there any simple way at all to fin the controller i need?
because I really need this and I just can’t seem to fin out :(

I’m not sure if I’ve got it right, but in any case I suggest you to use the MIDICCDevice, if you VST instrument supports MIDI learning.

This way, you will be able to link a VSTi parameter to a specific CC number and to have it at hand much more fast.

No, I think he is trying to find the right thing to automate.

First add a vsti automate device, and set it to the correct instrument, then expand the automate device as much as you can.

Now double click on the instrument and bring it up in a window.

What you can do now is try to change all the sliders of the vsti automate device and at the same time look at the vsti to which parameters are moving/changing. This should give you a clue to where you can find the parameter you want to use.

Also there is almost allways a logical name for what each parameter does.

such a simple thing… too bad it isn’t there :(

I can’t help much with the problem, but I’m just curious - which crazy VST is this with thousands of parameters?

Spectrasonics Stylus Remix…

it has loads of internal effects which can be used multiple times seperately in the same plugin… for each of those there are seperated controllers i think… The manual says there over 10000 controllers… and the list in the renoise automatedeviceDSP is pretty darn big :D

I also read it’s possible to use remote midi mapping within the plugin itself in cubase… but that’s not renoise :(

I did read it but i didn’t really do it… maybe i should… this could be the clue :) too bad I’m currently reinstalling my pc is it is working as $#%#