Vsti Automation

hello to all, I introduce myself, I am Pit and me approached to the world of the tracker. From some day I am using Renoise and even if my approach to the composition it was different(I come from ableton live) I am happy for being passed to this solution, than in spite of the difficulties it is being revealed easy and fast! Of it I am useful in order makes a question you: it is possible to automate the parameter of the vst instruments and as, because in the view “automations” I can only automate native fx and vstfx… thanks to all!! :)
sorry for my english…

hello PiT,

automation of VST instruments is made using a Meta device.

you can use either a “VSTiAutomateDevice” (which in version 1.9 has been renamed to “Automation Device”) or a MidiCCDevice. Both are described in the link above, but should be quite easy to understand them.

thanks it-alien, you are been of great aid! I would have to read more the on-line manual, but I have much difficulty with English…

then check out the partial italian translation