Vsti/fx On Network Drive

Hi, new convert to Renoise here.

I’ve got a load of VSTi’s and FX on a networked drive. All my songs/instruments/samples etc are also on that drive and I have no problems at all with them.

However, if I rescan the directory on the networked drive for VSTs, it finds nothing.
Copying the directory to a local drive and rescanning, and everything is found as expected.

Anyone else had this? What do I do to start thinking about solving it?

(keeping the VSTs locally is NOT an option).

Bit of further info that may be relevant - Local drive is NTFS, networked drive is FAT.

Am I the only user who sees this?

There were only problems with loading network drives relatively slow, but not yet reports about plugins not being seen.
I’ll shuffle this to the bug-reports just in case.

If the Network Drive is always available and mapped to the same drive letter, I see no reason why this should not work.

Have you correctly set up your VST paths in Renoise?

Have you never ever seen a VST from that path, or does it sometimes work sometimes not?

I’ve never ever seen a VST instrument or effect picked up from my network drive:-

The one thing that stood out to me once I looked at the image I provided earlier was that my network drive was somehow in ‘the internet zone’ (even though the entire subnet is classed as ‘intranet zone’).

I’ve since added an entry into LMHOSTS so I’ve now mapped the drive as //NAS/SHARE which Windows recognises as being in the ‘intranet zone’ - if I repeat the exercise I still get the problem (but the explorer window correctly shows the network drive as being on ‘local intranet’).

Is your mapped drive on ‘local intranet’ if you browse to it?

This is wierd!!

I think the difference is that your ‘remote’ drive is a drive on a PC which is a member of your workgroup (or domain?).

My remote drive is simply a drive with an ip address - its not a member of my workgroup (I don’t think thats technically possible?).

Scratching my head!

Don’t think the permissions is relevant since I can save and load songs etc to this drive from within Renoise with no probs. The log file didn’t seem to have any errors.