Vsti Keyzones

I love the new Keyzones, but is there any chance we’ll be able to use them with VSTi instruments and not just samples?

… or can we already do that? Am I just missing something? :P

I’d just love to be able to layer multiple VST instruments in one Renoise instrument :)

now that sounds like fun!! :walkman:

+1 would be cool to make synthesizer drum kits!

I somehow don’t think this would be possible via script

This feature would be great yes. Could be done with ext midi also. So all three sound source types could be added as keyzones and layered freely. Im also pretty certain that it cant be done with scripts.

Big +1
I was trying very hard to convince taktik to do this ;). Separate zones and later to be able to add any modulation device on vsti as well. So you only then optinally use the vsti as a monophonic (semi monophonic) generator and optinally use instrument envelopes, filter etc directly on it.
GUI wise we could just have an equal list of vsti like we have a list of samples.
Stacking vsti, or making splitmaps of vsti and midi is just too great to miss imo.

The future will tell. Lot’s of things will be continued developed in the instrument section for future releases. But we must remember there are limitations to what can be done during beta for 2.7 anyway…

The big thing we’re of course looking out for is instrument-as-sample (sub-instruments). To my mind, something “modular” like that is a likely candidate for the next step in instrument capability improvement.