Vsti Native Instruments Battery

VSTi Native Instruments Battery is a great drum-sampler, but the BassDrum track, the Snare track, the Toms track and the Crash/HiHats track interfere using TrackEffects like (for example) Reverb, because all these tracks call same VSTi-Slot (Native Instruments Battery), programmed with BassDrum, Snare, Toms and Crash/HiHats samples.

How can I resolve this problem? Is there a way “to make independent” these tracks calling the same VSTi-Slot?

I’ve never used Battery, because I load its files into the less specialized but more powerful Kontakt. Probably it is the same in Battery.

Kontakt has the “send effects” channels, where you can decide the amount of effect to be applied to each zone (toms, snares, and so on).

Since in ReNoise (as of 1.5) you cannot separate the different VSTi outputs, there is no way to achieve a complete separation of audio streams (apart from loading the drumkits each on a different Battery instance, and then remove from each kit the zones which are not used in that instance).

When VSTi multichannel support will be added in ReNoise, you will be able to separate the different outs simply by assigning each instrument of a Battery/Kontakt multi to a different MIDI channel. This is what I already do, since I’ve separated my drumkits into snares and everything-but-snares.
The only drawback in this, is that you have to use two different RNI for snare and everything-but-snare.