Vsti Overall Envelope Length

Hi, been using renoise for a while but always used sample based instruments so far…now that im starting to get into using vsti’s im getting baffled.

my question is this:

how can i get the overall envelope length for a vsti to be aligned with renoises ticks values?
for example; i want the instrument to make sound for exactly 24 ticks, 12 ticks of attack and 12 ticks of decay (no sustain, no release)

thanks everyone for all your help

As far as I know there is no standard for the way VSTis implement their Envelopes so it would be different values for every VST and thus no way anybody can answer a general question on this.

kazakore is right: it really depends on the VSTi. Generally speaking, the instrument should have a “sync” option which should let you put it in sync with Renoise’s BPM value. Usually, such kind of sync options have values such as “1 beat”, “1/2”, “1/4”, “1/8” and so on so, if your beat is composed of 96 ticks (12TPL * 8LPB, for example), you should set the sync to 1/8 in order to ensure that the envelope will last for 12 Renoise ticks

awesome, thanks!