VSTi: phrase first note gets stuck?

bug-1-1-2021.xrns (8.0 KB)

Attached XRNS is the smallest example of this behavior I could devise in v3.2.4 Windows. The plugin is Synth1 x64, but I also saw the same behavior in PortaFM, SynthMasterOne, Sampletank 4, and IL Harmless.

Basically, the pattern plays as expected within the phrase editor. But once you play it from the pattern view, a stuck note occurs. Then, partway through the phrase, it goes away! It also goes away after MIDI panic, and then resuming the pattern again plays it normally. But once the song loops, the behavior reappears.

Edit: Just a quick note. While it’s very irritating to hear this bug, the results seem to be OK when I render out the complete song, so I can make do.