Vsti random button - How does it work?

why does the vsti lower right random button tend to put every setting to the and knob and parameter to its center value?

It seems to only do very small amounts of randomization too, is there anyway to adjust the depth?

once all values reach about the center of the range yes, the changes are very small.

i dont understand why nobody replies

The Randomize feature is quite outdated by now to say the least, and usually only works somewhat nicely on simple plugins with only a handful of parameters. On most modern plugin with tons of parameters, it probably won’t do anything very useful or interesting. Even if it had depth and some other stuff to tweak, it would still be randomizing all parameters completely blindly and with total disregard for what each one actually does in the plugin, thus resulting in crap most of the time.

You should look at the plugin itself to see if it offers any randomization features of its own, where the parameters can hopefully be randomized in a more meaningful way.

my opinion is that a nice random preset generator would be great for renoise.

i have found many ways and workarounds to create random patches with renoise.
this other post actually has to do with this. [fixed] is randomize working ok?

the thing is renoise is very very close to be the perfect tool for me in the area of truly random preset generator and random sound in general but its not yet there.
no vst or vsti i have tried so far offers the kind of randomization i need.

i strongly believe in randomness.
on the other hand i understand most people in here, developers and users, dont really care about randomness.
so i dont ask for big changes or the development of proper random algorithms (i am ok with pseudorandomness) or tools to randomize devices and plugins etc etc

all i ask is for small changes so that renoise can help me a bit more with what i try to do with it, no matter how unpopular this is.

anyway, thanks for the great tool. it is close to perfect (for me)

ps. maybe i should post some of the results one can get with various techniques. maybe then randomness wont be so unpopular. so here is one.