[fixed] is randomize working ok?

look at this example .xrns

the column/track/pattern/selection randomize (ctrl+f7/shift+f7/ctrl+shift+f7/alt+f7)
only randomizes the first column of device commands that has commands for the same device parameter.
only the first line gets randomized at the second column that has commands for different device parameters at each line

is this the way it should work?
i think not.


Did you forget to attach or link the song?

yes sorry

No. It does indeed look like a bug. Thanks for reporting.


also, does it randomize only the first value keeping the second zero?

It randomizes any commands that match the first command it finds in the selection.

11xx ----
12xx ----
13xx 21xx
14xx 22xx
11xx 22xx
11xx 21xx

^ In this example, all the 11xx and 21xx commands would get randomized, but not the others.

maybe i didnt explain correctly.

what i get is this kind of randomization: