Vsti Rating

Hi everyone !

What would you think about a “five stars” system for example ( like the one in iTunes, Guitar Rig … ) to rate the VSTi, the samples, and maybe the VST ? I think it would add some visibility…

I don’t understand, there are just VST/samples/etc I do/don’t use. Instead of rating a VSTi 1 star I’d rather uninstall it? :]

Well that’ s an option, anyways I think there are some you may dislike, but not enough to uninstall them… For me that’s the case, and applying to samples I think that would be a good idea !

You can also hide plugins you don’t want to see, but also don’t want to uninstall -> right click on the VST(i) in the list -> “Hide”

I didn’t know that, very useful ! I think my topic should be renamed “samples rating” then. Thanks for your time anyway !

Ratings for your own stuff, never understood that.