Vsti Sliders Control Programming

Just can’t fugure out how to record VSTi’s sliders (knobs, that round things) position via effects row or any other way. For example, I want to record or program cutoff and resonanse in my TB303 bass VSTi. and I have proper CC “adresses” for exampe 71 and 74.
I have no external MIDI controllers e.t.c.
Is it possible to do it?

I’ve solved the problem and I’m sorry for posting this topic, as this problem had already been discussed, just had to look better.

Moderators, please delet this topic if it litters the forum. Sorry again.

Or maybe if it helps others, there is a section called “meta devices” in track DSP’s tab under Native Effects. So it is all about this.
MIDIccDevice for controllind the CC “adresses” usually given in your VSTi manuals. Usally it controlls main “knobs”
VSTiAutomation Device lets you control all (or nearly all, I don’t know how about the ones with 8 OSCs and 8 LFOs and dozens of other stuff :) ) the VSTi parameters the same way.