Vsti Split/Layer

Hi guys.
Is there a way to split my controller and lets say a VSTi 00 would be from C3 to C4 exclusive and the 01 from C4 to C5. I hope you understand what I mean - just placing different sounds throughout the keyboard.
Second question, is there a way to layer sounds, like to have 3 VSTi’s on 00 (or any other instrument slot)?


about the first question, if with “controller” you mean an external MIDI controller then, if your controller support splitting, you could do the split on the controller, since Renoise cannot handle this as of version 2.5

the second feature you are looking for is also not yet available

I thought MIDI controllers always played the selected instrument. Is this not right? If so then isn’t the only way to do it set up an instrument with two VSTs in different slots and assigned to different note ranged?

hmm… indeed… I was confusing MIDI inputs and outputs: you can define different MIDI outputs, but you cannot change the instrument that your MIDI controller plays.

this said, you could still do the following:
assign a VST such as Plogue Bidule or energyXT to an instrument; let’s call this “VST A”.

In the GUI of the “VST A”, load the instances of the VSTs you want to split (say the are “VST B” and “VST C”.

then, use the features of “VST A” to filter the MIDI input so that the played isntrument will depend on the triggered MIDI note.

this would also solve the other request (the VST layer)