Vsti Test

this week i will be trying my best to scour the web to find as many different professional vsti’s to test (basically no synth edit vsti)

that i will use to thoroughly test with very fast program changes, automation, triggering, and try to find cpu usage for each.

basically i want to find the vsti’s that will be compatible with renoise so i or we can produce a list of compatible and non compatible vsti’s.

since doing the small amount of vsti testing i have done so far, i have found that most if not all have a problem with the program change function producing nasty clicks and pops. i wish to find a way around this in the mean time

others do not fuction properly without an extra note after the program change function -creating an off beat trigger.

About the program change thing: Try this in any other host and you will get the same results.
Program changes are handled completly by the VST plug itself.

Well, here’s a head-start for you:
(And you can add stuff yourself as well, just fill in the author name field and your addition will be instantly submitted.)

For VST effects:

i was hoping that possibly wasnt the case
but i have grown acustomed to using the volume automation to fix it

i wish they would all stick to some type of standard but as we see they are not

nice thankyou

That’s probably the error of Steinberg Musiclabs.
I don’t know what kind of standardisation they build up, but the fact that loads of different VST plugins f**** up pretty badly in different hosts mean they did a very shitty job at Steinberg.