[vsti-tip] Concretefx - Rock

Anyone looking for a nice free VSTI synth that can create those rough and cutting edge leads and bass effects…
Look no further as rock can fullfill your needs… owhyeah, not just the usual synth-leads with the subtile distortion overdrive effect, but phat and hardcore if you wish.
The plugin comes with a load of preconfigured instruments to pick from and very cool sounds has been added since it’s release september previous year…

You’ll won’t regret downloading this one:

Nice, sounds like the overdriven sound you had with the sid (c64) back then.

Gritty, dirty and lotsa presets and knobs, what more do you want?
Great stuff and it’s free!

If you like ConcreteFX’s Rock, you might want to check out his Kubik synth aswell. It’s well worth the 44 euros… great support and prompt bugfixes!

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