VSTi Tutorial

I would really love it if someone would take the time to write a tutorial about how to control VSTi’s in Renoise. I’m totally green when it comes to VSTi’s and it’s been about 3 years since I last touched anything that had to do with MIDI.

Would help a lot, so if anyone feels like helping out :)

Guess not :(

Hi Makke, in 1.2 there is a new device (vstiParameterDevice) which lets you control all parameters of a vst instrument easily. Just drag those sliders exactly like when using the effects, and you can apply envelopes too in the same way. This has a clear advantage over the midiCCDevice when using vsti’s: all the parameters have names. In other words, no need to check the plugin manual for those CC numbers, all parameters are available at your fingertips :)

There is another thread about the manual, seems like it will be improved soon with the help of a lot of people.