Vsti Volume Control


I’ve had this problem with VSTi instruments’ volume control for some time now, as I haven’t been able to manage a fading effect on whatever note that’s playing. I’ve tried this simply on the volume column on the pattern track.

The VSTi respond to volume control when I apply the command on the very note, but additional changes afterwards don’t have any effect on the volume - meaning that I can start the note with different volume levels, but cannot control it afterwards with the volume column commands, like this:

This here starts the note with volume level value 10, but the further 20, 30, and 40 don’t have any effect.

Any advice?

this is a more complex topic than it seems.

first of all, there are things you cannot do with VST instruments: one of this is controlling a single note’s volume directly, unless the VST supports aftertouch. However, Renoise currently does not support aftertouch so, in the end, there is no way to control the volume of a single note of a VST instrument after it has been played.

what to do then?

you can use MIDI CC#7 to change the volume of the instrument, but this will be a general change: every note which is being played will change to this new volume, and so for the future notes.

when Renoise will support aftertouch (not so far in time, I hope), then it will have 100% support of what it is possible to do in a VST instrument: what you can do in Renoise, id est the ability to ramp down the volume of a single note independently, is not possible with some VST/MIDI instruments on any sequencer.

Yeah, I halfway guessed it’ll be rather complex. It would be rather great if Renoise would get a working and natural sounding aftertouch function, since I like to work with trackers.

Aftertouch… I’ve asking for AT implementing many times before.
But there is still more important improvements on the top of the developers list, so the only hope for global upgrade - Renoise v.2