Vstii Instruments

I know this may not be the right place to ask this kind of question but i dont know where else to ask.
What i am out after is some kind of plugin that can sort out all the instruments i have either manually or automatically inside renoise,
i dont know if some kind of plugin like this exists nor if its either possible to make, but i ask anyway.
I dont have any experience coding plugins so i dont know, but an “external plugin” where one can sort the instruments
under labels like: bass, pads, flute, drum, hihats etc… would be nice to have since there takes so much time to go through
all the vstii-instruments. some little time ago i wrote down where my bass instruments is in the different vstis on a piece of paper,
but i have to have a lot of patience doing just that for all the rest of the instruments.
so i am looking for a plugin-feature that can do this for me.
does anyone know about anything close to this or is this just not possible yet?
thanks for your time.

  • Rudi

It’s easy. You can sort any VST/VSTi in Renoise as you wish (thanx for renoise team, it’s great feature). Press right mouse button on any plugin (in list) and select “Rename/Move” menu item. Then ADD at begin of name group_name with “:” between each other. Then press “OK”. It’s done. I.e. was “Moog Modular” -> “Modular synth: Moog”.

You can rename plugins manually… at first this may be a pain to do so, but once done, your plugins are sorted out neatly afterwards.
Right-click any DSP or instrument VST and select “Rename/Move” in the context menu.
Then simply put a category name in front of it.
Applied Acoustics Systems: StringStudioVst

Change this into:
String Instruments: Applied Acoustics Systems: StringStudioVst

Or rename Etric van-mayer: EVM Grand Piano to:
Keys: Etric van-mayer: EVM Grand Piano

You can add all your organ and piano vsti’s to the “Keys” category that simple.

thanks for the replies.
but… maybe i wasnt clear enough. i was asking for the instruments that lies within a plugin.
i mean, when i load a plugin, some plugins have programs (with instruments), and some dont,
some have instruments inside if i press " ext. editor" button. can i sort the programs and/or the instruments that lies within a plugin as well?
that was i was asking for…

That is usually a plugin internal thing. I think you need some kind of “bank” manager that would process the Fxb file once you have exported the whole set to an fxb.
After you have sorted it, you can then import it back into the plugin.
But no external program will be able to sort the default set that the plugin initiates with unfortunately.


That’s cool :)

Interesting. Are there a lot of really cool original presets?