Vsti's For Cubase Not 4 Renoise?

I found 3 VSTi’s for Cubase which don’t work with Renoise: JX16, LM-7 and CS40.
Others like SUPERWAVEP8 and FM7 work on both prgs.
You’ll guess my quessie: Is there a way so that the 3 mentioned above also work with Renoise?

If someone can help please send a mail to:


and I can send those 3 VSTi’s or is it possible to send it to this forum?
Yes I’m a beginner!

Hope to hear soon from anyone!

If VSTIs are written specifically for Cubase you won’t get them working in any other host than Cubase.

Thanx 4 your reply vV!
Too bad!

Does anyone know sites where I can find good VSTi’s?

Can I use: Eastwest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold version
in Renoise? (are those samples or VSTi’s or?..)

Hope you guys have the time to reply!

Those are normal vsti’s that you can use in Renoise.

A good start to get vst and other stuff could be here and here.


No, vV is right - there are really at least some vsts which are Cubase only. Hard to find them but they really exist. Especially those vsts which come with Wavelab don’t work.

Yeah. I know :)
I meant to quote:

Oops :) :drummer: Well, I was tired :)

Sorry 4 the late reply but:
Thanx very much Pysj!!! :)

I think JX16 is Cubase only but there’s an earlier version called JX10 which is available in all vsti-hosts. It lacks an graphical-interface though: http://www.kvraudio.com/get/42.html

Yes this is possible… i have the gold edition myself, this one was done in Renoise 1.6 alpha:
Though if you have 6 or 8GB of ram you can only use 3GB max per Renoise session in Windows XP (a limitation of XP and you have to change the boot.sys for this to use 3GB as well:( )…
So you have to MidiOX two Renoise versions if you really want to use this pack to a very expanded height.

Again sorry for late reply.
When I go to this site and click on Download I get the message:
This service is temporarily unavailable.
We’re working hard to restore normal service.
I reckon you guys have the same problem or is there a problem with my pc? :(

CU! :lol:

Nopes, works alrighty here, you probably just got ip-banned then i think…

April fool!.. doesn’t work either here…

Ok! So it doesn’t work. (I reckon!) :)
Not such a big problem seeing there are loads of vsti’s.

Nice little zax! I reckon the piano instrument was added and not in eqlsog?
Cool sax sound! (in eqlsog?)

Hmm! I’ll get back to this later! (I’ll ask a friend first!)

Just wondering: are there any rock band vsti’s available on the net? (perc can be done in samples of course)

Would be nice if anyone could help!

CU guys! :D