Vsti's : Parameters List?

Hi there,

I find it difficult to explain my request but here it goes :
*** I am using the latest Renoise at the moment and let’s say I add an VSTi to my track > further tweaking is needed so I enter the automation section and try to lookup (eg) the 3rd oscillator’s cutoff frequency. After a lot of clicking (and swearing and fiddling) the setting will be found but :

wouldn’t it be great if there was a function that could dump all the used params of a synth into a text file? Or a popupbox where the proper setting could be easily selected? And even wilder : a popupbox where all the parameters are visible with their sliders (eg : change something in the native interface and see WHICH slider is changing?)

just a suggestion,

yes Bantai, that’s exactly what I’ve suggested to the developers one week ago in the team mailing list.

Actually, I’ve thought about a per-instrument box, but probably you have thought the same thing.

I don’t know if the idea has been accepted, though.

Bandai and It-Alien : your ideas are at least a lot better than mine :)
Who knows, perhaps they’ve already found a workaround or a solution? 1.5 is not a long way off I hope :)

yep, this is must feature!!!

i mean that lil box which shows your favorite vsti knobs cc numbers…while tweaking those, or sumthing