Vsti's With Multi-timbral Capacity

Please add a list of all the multi-timbral vsti’s you’ve come a cross that actually works with renoise. All the expensive vsti’s I’ve tried cannot take advantage of the mult-timbral blah blah blah… and this really pisses me off!! Btw, pardon my french.

You mean you cant use different midi channels to the vsti?

Renoise do not support multi outputs from multi-timbral vsti’s yet.

What else would I be talking about, I mean, there’s no sense in opening 2 of the same vsti’s in different slots when your using the exact same patch from that vsti!!!

I AM REALLY CONFUSED!!! Will the final 1.5 version support this then?

You are? :)

Ok. The thing is that you can use the Alias in renoies to send different midi channels to the same vsti. However, many vsti have a separate sound output for each channel (you can adjust this in the vsti). And as I said, renoise do not support this multi output yet. I have no idea when it will…
It guess it is on that endless ‘Todo-list’. :)


:( :( :( Well… thanks for answering :):(

It depends upon how you can set the channels in the VSTI.

But approaching a VSTI’s own banks and presets:you are right, not always supported.