Vsts Are Weird

But imagine it could. ^_^

when we make a full switch to opto, we will have the whole spectrum to fill with colors instead of numbers.

And how does one sense those colors? Sounds to me like our processors would end up being huge again. Either way, I’ve seen the future, and it’s carbon nanotechnology. Nanotubes and other carbon superstructures will replace copper and silicon. Bits will be represented by single electrons. There will be a place for other processors, don’t get me wrong, but they will work in tandem with nanoprocessors. Quantum computing and DNA computing are only good for solving certain types of problems… while digital computing will still be the best at what it does. The future should be interesting nonetheless ;)

won’t have to worry about that. flesh and bone is just that.

i agree with you. i do believe computing will eventually completely fracture from the current paradigm. right now opto needs digital to interface with anything, limiting it drastically.

also, i was talking about updating ones dna through guided meditation, nothing foriegn to the body whatsoever.
all of our bodies are already endowed with this technology.

P2P with God :yeah:

Well, that’s quite true… software dosen’t exist at all… it’s merely different states of hardware.

As much as I’d like to believe that there is going to be another paradigm to make computers leap beyond what they currently do, I have mad doubts. The only advances we’ve actually made in computing in the past 30 years is physical speed. The software concepts have remained practically the same.

Well, The concept behind computers hasn’t changed either.
Yet, within 30 years we’ve become almost dependant on computers. Although we can’t
see the actualy impact yet, 30 years is too short to make any bold statements about
the future and direction that the technology is going. Maybe in 10 years we’ll be tracking
on quantum computers? Perhaps first there has to be a change in concept of the computer
itself before a change of concept in software makes sense… or is even possible…

Take the lightbulb for instance… invented in 1879 and not much has changed about the concept since…

Computer games are weird. You need a computer to play them :wacko:

Your philosophy is fundamentally flawed. Software does indeed exist. Just as language exists. Language is nothing but different “states” of physical things, no? That aside, it exists. If anything, software is the ultimate expression of the existance of human consciousness. We’ve outsourced our logic processing into the realm of machines. We’re creating a global extension of ourselves, connecting everyone into a giant, persistent “utility brain”.

Actually, software development has made leaps and bounds. The basic concepts will always be the same, but that doesn’t mean that new techniques, ideologies and paradigms aren’t being developed all the time. Speed has definitely played a part in it to be sure, but programming languages have been evolving to allow more than ever before.

You could, for instance, code an impressive web 2.0 AJAX website that’s fully W3C compliant and serve it from an old 500mhz machine. When that machine came out, such web technology was unheard of. Speed isn’t everything.

The Model View Controller design pattern indeed surfaced just under 30 years ago… but it’s come into its own with frameworks that take advantage of its core concepts.

Adobe Flash allows people with very little programming language knowledge to create interactive multimedia websites.

And there are countless open source libraries in existance that make the lives of programmers everywhere easier than ever before.

The software landscape is changing rapidly… and soon enough, with the advance of portable hardware, you will start to see cloud computing take off like never before. Everyone will be jacked in to the largest centralized “computer” on the planet: The internet.

The “information superhighway” that cyberpunk novels predicted is just starting to become reality.

According to some people on this thread, that light doesn’t actually exist :P

Cogito ergo sum?

Well technically when we die we stop thinking… and our bodies don’t disappear. Perhaps it should be “I think, therefore I perceive that we are”

does it mean that we doesnt exist, or the science is not able to define the reality (science maybe do, but brain dont)

see - thats why we need vst`s :)

I understand what you are saying BYTE-Smasher, and perhaps I was a little bold in my statements. There is no question that software has evolved over the years but I was speaking more about the hardware. Not much has changed conceptually in the architecture of computers over the years, we’ve just managed to make things smaller and faster.

As for software, well that’s really where we’ve excelled over the years. Each new programming language and paradigm has been built upon the foundations laid out in the past. Like you said, people are constantly finding new uses for old ideas.

As for software not existing, well I’ll call that hyperbole. Of course it exists, it’s just interesting to think that it only exists as a physical representation of nano-switches and instructions to alter said switches with electrical charges. It’s a strange thing indeed.

I’m sure there will eventually be a break through in computing and perhaps I was being a little cynical. I bet there were people in the tube era talking about how tubes were the shit and then someone walked in the room with a transistor. Now tubes are only good for guitar amps.

In fact, I read an article on Wired a few months ago that was talking about researches at HP (I think) were working on a transistor that remembers the last charge sent through it. That would mean that as soon as current was applied to the circuit, it would immediately be it’s in last state. Zero boot time. Now that’s a computing advancement I can get behind!

Gotta go, it’s starting to get dark in here… I wish there was some invention that would let me see things at night time… ;)

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That isn’t the same thing, “I don’t think, therefore I am not” can’t be uttered without thinking, so you can’t make that arguement.

Actually, when you’re dead, you’re no you so you’re gone so you don’t exist anymore.
Other than that, I was referring to computers and software, but I don’t know enough about
the machines to say whether it’s the computer or the software that does the thinking.

@ NER: Francis E. was the fucking master:D

I beg to differ. You do still exist. You’ve just changed states. Your corpse rots in the ground, gets eaten by insects, turns into various oils and sediments. You become part of the earth that gave you birth. We’ve all existed as long as this universe has… we’re just constantly changing state.

Socially, you still exist as well. People will remember you, and your actions will have had a permanent impact on the course of history, however “normal” that impact may be for a human being.

I don’t agree. If I die. There’s no me. Just how people remember me and
some corpse in the ground. I’m gone. Moved on perhaps, but ceased to be ME
nonetheless. But this is just a way of looking at things I guess. People say death
is not the end but only a transition. Some say there are other worlds beyond life
and some say we’re reborn into something else. In my opinion though, dying is
something else than a drastic make-over.

Besides, before we can conclude wether or not we cease existing once we’re dead,
we need to define what and who we are right now. And I aint touching that with a ten
foot pole.

Death is the road to Awe. :D

the purpose of books are of no use to a person who cannot read.
unless that person wants to build a library.