Vsts Are Weird

I wass thinking about it today, and i realized how weird vsts, au, and all plugins are. i mean especially ones that cost money. its a program whose sole existence depends on another program. like, the people who make the Waves series of plugins. thousands of dollars per plugin pack. but they would be nowhere without the music programs that run them.

on a similar note, computer programming altogether is kinda weird. like, programs dont really exist. i know its kind of esoteric but its true. its just pixels.

work has been put in it though, that’s what you pay for

And we are protons and neutrons right?

yea, we are. it freaks me out everyday, that at the subatomic level, everyone is identical because no two proton neutron or electron are different from each other


Actually, pixel means “picture element” … software would be better defined as “just bytes”

And as it turns out, software exists just as much as anything else in this messed up existance. Think of it as very precise shorthand for logic. It exists as much as writing. As much as ink on paper. It’s stored physically, not as electricity. CDs have physical notches. Hard drives have magnetic data.

The only difference between software and a book, is that software is easier to copy, and it can be interpreted by a computer.

Well, it doestn freaks me out, so we are not identical :)

that just means you are bizzaro me

a hammer serves a function, you’re not just buying wood and metal

software serves a function, you’re not just buying bytes

but you can’t pirate a hammer ;)

you can hammer a pirate though

I doubt he will let you.

imagine a world where physical objects you can touch lick feel smell can be updated like software. then realize that the human body being full of codes can also be updated like software. software is a representation of the beings creating it. it is created therefore it exists in All it’s Glory! :D
-with many hidden features.

also, what you pay for is the value of the culmination of knowledge but mainly the idea of time spent being dedicated.
when we come into this world we are given bodies to inhabit for the duration of our lives. in many cultures these bodies are given to us, free to us.
however some cultures add demands to us to cultivate us into something most probable to be usefull to the rest of us. these demands often may create problems within facetes of the culture, offering, issuing & affirming a blacklash against the culture creating the demand for it.

knowledge learns much from this.

differences but also similarities occur most prevailent between them. with both life and software the most common thread is that you are given the idea to do with it as you wish, sometimes with possible guidelines for success.
the least common is being told to only use a software with an instructed method and to never change course. yet many times we knowingly exact this upon ourselves.

I don’t find weird that software are “just bytes”: on the contrary it’s fascinating that the “bytes” can emulate the reality, which proves that behind reality there is the math.

It’s fascinating what we’ve accomplished with only a 1 and a 0.

Quote of the year. :drummer:

Now i scare , and who has the right to decide that your code is buggy or not

Imagine the possibilities if we could also use 2 to 9. :D

Not much more than we have now. In fact, less possibilities, because it’s near impossible to control voltage enough to make it represent ten digits. Binary is much more stable. The best we could do actually is ternary. -1,0,1 ;)