Vst's For Idm / Glitch Music

If you wanna sound like vsnares i suggest you just plain old fashioned learn your tracker :P Maybe get into octamed, that’s what he uses. Unless he’s gone all gay on us and switched to logic already.

actually, i know most of the commands :D

but what im really after is software that dont do what you think.
im so bored with my brain… ;)

DFX Buffer Override —> oh my god, who’s happy? me? YEAH!!! god damn!
Thank you

Haha please don’t try to sound like me, it makes me not want to sound like me.


we cannot do what you are doing, not even if we tried. ;)

your tracks rock man !

i am fan !


ps. glad to see you here… :) maybe you can show me some tricks ! :D

oh my god i cant belive it… did not realize that venetian snares use renoise… :expressionless: … and btw… i dont wanna sound like you, just want your tools, and turn the other way around… “nothing with everything” , if you know what i mean by that…

explotions from nowhere.

BTW: i have found some tools that fit my needs now,
steinberg neon… <- this is gold :P
and some i dont want to say out loud… hehe

this forums should be for registrated users only… ;)
nice weekend folks…

dblue: I just downloaded your Glitch, 15 minutes later i purchased it. What a fantastic tool! Great work, you’re very talented.

If you want to be plain weird, get a software midi loopback device, such as midi yoke, and use it to route midi from renoise to my own lil piece of software, BEEP!.

Of course you’ll have to find a way to sample your PC speaker.

So far I’ve never heard about anyone actually using BEEP!, please please please… if you use me, contact me so I can hear it :)

Nifflas, you’re a genious! Can’t tell you how long i’ve been looking for something like this. My problem is that when recording external synths with the metronome in renoise, the metronome is output along with the other audio to my mixer, being mixed with whatever i’m recording. Now i can use BEEP! as a pc speaker metronome, without affecting the audio path.

Don’t suppose you want to make a VST version from it, do you? ;)

Basically, If I knew how to, it would be the first thing I did. I don’t have the skill to create VSTi’s yet though.

Oh yah… Maybe this is something everyone knows about already. I tried Midi Yoke, and it didn’t work properly under windows xp, so i used a driver called LoopBe1 and it worked perfectly.