Vst's For Idm / Glitch Music

wondering if there’s someone out there who can help me with this?
looking for freeware mangeling vst’s and fx boxes. :yeah:

found some at xoxos… check them out!
xoxs - freeware

but i want more!

have a look here:

sigh more self promotion from me. Check my sig :)

if i had seen before, i would have posted your link too. :)

i have checked this one out.

quote: this program is not intended to be a lazy man’s tool for instant IDM creation.

and dos shell… :D give me some sliders.

NOT the way to go…

i think ;)

you could find these vst’s throu kvr-audio.com
-tobybears destructor/candybox/etc.
-memory buffer
-every smartelectronix -stuff (ioplong/mdsp/bram/etc.)
-lots of (grain/scratch) effects made with synthedit but these mostly need midi notes [->eXT]

i saw a buzz->vst wrapper and it works [for me]
(sry you’ve to search yourself; its still a hot topic <_< and i dont wanna get any trouble)
buzz got very good mangle-fx machines

btw: for dblue’s glitch there is also a GUI avail. (was done by an other guy, i guess) i like the glitch.alpha a lot. thx for that! :D

@laurencedavies: is the toggle- feature inside instajungle already implemented? its got very nice live features. thx for that too!


heh… well I am making a VST version as well. It’s not quite the exact same sound as the command line version, because they obviously work in very different ways, but it’s still a lot of fun and makes some crazy noises.

It won’t be free (it would be nice to get something back for the time I spent on it), but it won’t be expensive either. I want it to be affordable for the tracker community and normal musicians with normal jobs, not like these silly plugin prices where companies charge $200 or more for something relatively simple. I haven’t decided on the exact price yet, but it won’t be a lot.

Anyway… I basically have a demo version ready for people to play around with right now, I’m just waiting for my VST license agreement to arrive at Steinberg’s offices (it’s in the mail right now) so that everything is nice and legal.

Maybe it’s fine to give the demo version away, and only sell the full version later? Not sure exactly how it all works. Perhaps I’ll post a demo version on here and hope they don’t notice :)

i won’t tell :)


which os? I have a feeling I didn’t put it in the os x version I released.
Will try to get another one out this weekend with that bit fixed if it is broken.
Thanks for the feedback!

Dblue, I’m looking forward to it. A note on pricing- I’ve thought about this a lot, and I think just adding a guestbook to your site asking people what their name/alias is and how much they’d be willing to spend on a nice little idm beat glitcher would be the way to go. That way the responsibility isn’t yours :)

toggle? i must have completely missed something :blink:

i tryed installing vst:instaJungle into renoise, fried the the hole thing and clicked! got a repeated note bonkibonkibonkibonkionkionkinkinkinkikikikikikibonki… and so on… ;)

thought it was cool, so i sampled it. :D

but seriously… it did not work.

thank you engine

really nice vst tips.
download mania at smartelectronix and tobybear!

KTgranulator i have downloaded some time ago, would like to say that its the best “freeware” grannis i have seen yet. :D


Though I wrote that I cannot use “InstaJungle” with my PC before, it was because my PC did not support SSE.

Yesterday, I made an exchange of my CPU for AthlonXP and used software that can turn on SSE, finally I came to be able to use InstaJungle on my PC!!

Perhaps, InstaJungle requires a processor with SSE instructions.
It will not be able to be used with old AMD CPU (ex. Athlon Thunderbird, Duron Spitfire, etc).
And also, when the chipset or BIOS doesn’t support SSE, it is not possible to use it.

However, it will not be a big problem, because Most CPU supports SSE today.

Thanks, cool plugin!! :yeah:

Glad you like it, Sato.
Your experience also helps immensly- I think I had math optimisations on when I compiled.
I’l do a re-compile if I get time this weekend.
@annide: sure that wasn’t what it was supposed to do? ;)
Seriously though, did it crash, or did it just alter the audio unpleasantly?

crash, right on my computers arse! :(

i have found other vst’s that make the same effect :P
tikk tikk tikk tikk tikk tikk tikk tikk… BLACKOUT…

running on a athlon 1800+ (no big daddy computer)

sounds like your PC might need some fixin or tweakin.

yeah absolutely! but i think renoise don’t have these flexibility (specially the commands)
we all know from (e.g.) it or ft2 or even OctaMED.

for example: u can timestretching nice in renoise (e1 retrig + 0900 offsets) but
u can’t pitch your retrigger like in it or ft2 (its possible but sounds not nice ;) )

if u want the ultimate mangle- tracker (only the tracker) where the tracker- commands are the only thing that would be used, than look at the UnwiedlyTracker [coded by Lord Fuzzpilz] inside Buzz. its the best exp. tracker i ever saw… (to say nothing of buzz :D )

grab Buffer Override over at http://destroyfx.smartelectronix.com/

You’ll be drilling them drums in no time.

Another really good set of mangling effects that hasn’t been mentioned yet are those at http://www.tweakbench.com/

step sequencers is really nice… things that you dont control 100% is nice :D