VSTs Not showing

I have two machines running Renoise. On my main computer all my VSTs show up no problem. On my second and quite older machine, some do and some don’t even though they are recognized when it scans for them, as I see them at the bottom when it loads or i do a rescan for plug ins. I scoured the forum for answers but found none that worked. Driving me bonkers. Arrrggghhh

All VST locations are active in Renoise preferences?
The VSTs installed on the older system, matches the systems arcitecture (32bit/64bit)?

If this is about vst3; I’ve had a similar issue in the past, are you using windows as OS? Could be you need to install certain windows service packs to make all vst3 show up.

Solved it. Mostly. On my main machine I had plug in folders i named VST 64 and VST 32 respectively, because of the only two locations Renoise can handle, plus the VST 3 of course. Oddly it seemed even if I specified a certain folder that I gave a name it was bugging out. , the older machine wanted them all in VSTplugins. And all the VST 3’s in the Common Files folder. Not sure why. My other machine running the same operating Windows 8 had no problem. Still some not working like the Ocean Swift ones for some reason on the older one… Anywho, i can live without a few plug ins here and there. I am taking the old machine to my workplace so i can work on tunes there. I will look into service packs as well, which sounds legit as that had happened before on an old laptop i once used. Thanks all for the suggestions. Peace.

Visual C++ 2017/19 also. I also develop VST plugins, and when working with newer VST SDK versions you’ll need them for certain cases to make the VSTs (mostly 64 bit) proper working. In some cases you even need the updated version of Visual C++ (2015/17/19). There’s an updated version since around a year.

Visual C++ 2015/17/19 (updated version)