VSTs that can tx/rx MIDI data

I would absolutely love to be able to use the hardware synth editors I have laboriously designed and programmed as lua based cross platform vsts as shown in this demonstration video within renoise but I can not since renoise plugin channels nicht sprechen oder verstehen MIDI necessary in order to control hardware synthesizers :(/>
Is it any day planned to open these doors within renoise? Would especially be nice since the platform I’m using uses Lua just as Renoise does. I could do some incredibly cool stuff if I could load these vsts natively within renoise as opposed to via energy XT - not an ideal solution.

it’s not really clear to me in the video what the midi plugin part is, but I just watch a few seconds here en there.
but still
because I know the pain. I’m coding stuff in Reaktor now and found a great way to improvise songs almost on-the-fly with little piano playing skills on a 2 octaver, but it’s sad I can only use it in combination with Reaktor instruments, not other VSTs or the Renoise sampler.

Also; may I ask what packages/libraries you have used to make these instruments? And how to compile for cross platform ops? (I understand the 3 would be different files…)

The VSTs are not generating sound - they are handling all MIDI information, SysEx, CCs and NPRNs. The vsts have a MIDI IN and MIDI OUT selection which allow you to designate to/from which MIDI port on your system notes and controller messages are sent/received… the sound is coming from the hardware synths (in this case microwave 1, microwave XT, blofeld and rocket hardware synthesizers) Since all ableton needs is a VST index it doesn’t matter that live has no idea what sysex is… the data is sent/recieved by the plugin itself. This is useless in renoise as it is one of the few DAWS that does not allow MIDI communication to/from a VST or AU.

Here is a list of DAWS that do allow MIDI data to be tx/rx to/from an AU or VST:

Steinberg Cubase SX 2 - Cubase 7
Ableton Live 7-9
Cakewalk Sonar 6 to XL
Presonus Studio One 1.5 - 2.0
Imageline FL Studio 9
Apple Logic Pro 8 - Pro X (AU Only)
MOTU Digital Performer 7 -8 (AU Only)
Cockos Reaper
EnergyXT 2.5
Plogue Bidule
Mackie Tracktion
Tobybear’s MiniHost
Hermann Sieb’s VST Host

It would be great to be able to add Renoise to the list of compatible DAWS as it is by far my personal favorite software sequencer.

The editors (run as VSTS in the video) are built using JUCE libraries and Ctrlr as a development platform.

Is it not just the tx / routing part?
I would think Instr. MIDI Control works for the data to be input. But not the flexible routing one has with audio in Renoise, no.

no this has been suggested to me several times on the renoise forums but contrary to what one might think “instr. midi control” (Ext. MIDI Device) doesn’t do the trick -> as I stated ALL MIDI device settings are set within the plugin itself - NOT the host… in fact if the device is used by the host, any setting within the plugin is moot. Unfortunately the way VST/AU is implemented in renoise it does not accept MIDI IN/OUT.

If a dev needs proof of failure by all means I’ll create a demo… tell me what hardware synth you have and I’ll set up an editor panel with ctrlr and export a VST/AU instance you can try for yourself.

There are quite a lot of VSTs actually that are MIDI capable and designed similarly to those I showcased in the demo video above… otherwise the long list of software sequencers I listed would probably not have gone through “alot of work” to support them. Note some of those sequencers I listed have been developed by a whooping team of one… as far back in history as 2002.

I’m not easily convinced by some dude with an internet connection that what I’m asking for is too much work to justify the doors it would open unless you think people have magically decided to stop using outboard gear which is quite FAR from reality.

While all those software sequencers I listed are capable of what I describe - not ONE of them is scriptable with Lua like ctrlr is. Contrary to what you may believe there is an opportunity here for renoise to make a jump whether you or the general population are aware of it at this point in time or not.

Furthermore, ctrlr and the JUCE libraries are not the only development platform out there that allows just any other dude (like myself) to create such control/automation VSTs for their specific piece(s) of gear.

The “willingness to opine” graph is true, that is why it was made in the first place - yet I should have expected it’d be taken personally so my apologies on hurting your feelings. image removed and replaced. my condolences. :)/>

Just to let you know, I +1ed this from the start, the midi routing stuff is very necessary addition. I’m creating a MIDI effect (so the effect of this not being in renoise atm does not just affect people with outboard midi gear) in Reaktor but I can only use it in combination with Reaktor synths. (on Windows… no proper midi routing software exists that I know of)


I was really hoping that renoise 3.0 would be capable of allowing a VST handle MIDI… still no love.


What is preventing renoise from being able to allow ctrlr to handle MIDI for external gear from within a VST?

At the risk of being an obnoxious pest which is not my desire or intent at all, I have been bugging this user forum with this request for a few years now.

I can’t imagine this is too difficult to allow considering renoise is literally the only DAW I know of that can not allow a VST to handle MIDI. (even of some of the older very small products I listed earlier in this thread developed by a single person).

My believe is that the devs don’t clearly understand the requirements or simply assume Im not clear on instrument settings within renoise.

Please allow me to elaborate, ctrlr requires NO MIDI instrument settings within the DAW - all MIDI is handled by the plugin itself.

The method for setting up a ctrlr vst/au instance within any DAW is as follows:

  1. Disable the midi ports of the machine you want to control in your DAW.

  2. Load ctrlr VST (or the ctrlr exported VST) into your DAW.

  3. Select the MIDI Out Device connected to your synth in the VST’s menu.

4.Click Input from plugin host‚ and Output to plugin host under the MIDI menu. Both these items should appear in the MIDI menu with a check mark next to them.

5.Additionally you must enable Plugin Host-> Output Device under MIDI, MIDI Thru (In the VST’s Menu) in order for MIDI to go from the DAW to your synth connected to the MIDI Output Device you select in step 3 above.

Using a ctrlr VST within a DAW does not require ANY setup or special instrument MIDI setting at all!
In other words CTRLR (actually the JUCE C++ libraries) handles ALL MIDI communication. All the DAW needs is hooks to the VST indicies used within the plugin for automation.

see www.monstrummedia.com to see some of the advanced synth editors I have released which have a strong following and customer base but are still sadly as of today still remain incompatible with Renoise. It’s unfortunate!


Does that mean that this baby:
has no chance in renoise?

+1 also for midi fx like midi delay

midi arpeggiator !!!

I can’t imagine this is too difficult to allow considering renoise is literally the only DAW I know of that can not allow a VST to handle MIDI. (even of some of the older very small products I listed earlier in this thread developed by a single person).

ctrlr doesnt work for me in renoise or reaper. tried the standalone, that doesnt work either. and unfortunately there’s no documentation on how to use it other than the obvious midi i/o which coincidentally doesnt work.

on a different note, this editor works like a charm, maybe ctrlr could take some lessons:http://sourceforge.net/projects/fb01editor/