VSTs you REGRETTED buying?

It is vst3 yes with zoom options, so go for it :slight_smile:

Yeah same,don’t like it.

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D16 usually gives discounts for the owners of older versions of their plugins. I know that I got Syntorus 2 for 19 EUR while being an owner of the V1.

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I know, I’ve “upgraded” v1 to v2 for 29 €. Nevertheless I could have saved money if I didn’t buy v1. I think the price for v2 on Black Friday was something like 60 €. As a customer it’s nice to get that kind of offers, but it would be nicer to know early enough if there’s a successor about to be released. :wink:

I regret buying the Eric Whittacre Choir from Spitfire Audio the most. Its generally too inflexible as a workhorse choir, and the micromanagement needed to make the notes “sing” isn’t worth it compared to cheaper options that specialize in a specific style instead.

Then the high price point and the 10 mic positions you wont use that takes another 100GB of space…

Its a classic case of excellent sound but poor software quality.

The upside is I’m way more cautious now. :slight_smile:


Track Spacer. Straight after buying I forgot about it, switched to Linux and found I could just use the signal follower → EQ in Renoise to do the same thing essentially.

I would regret Redux but 1) I wanted to support the devs and 2) I’ve been working in Reaper lately because I can record more than one mono audio input there and Redux is finding it’s way into the picture now which is great.

Audio Assault Channel Strip. It’s actually OK and usable but I never use it and always opt for Airwindows CStrip or a couple of ACMT plugins or just native stuff instead.

In a parallel universe I may regret Renoise itself actually. Aye hear me out - I discovered Renoise and started to adore the workflow and GUI and it’s whole vibe and I want Renoise to be my only DAW but the ability to record multiple mono audio inputs (and multiple samples simultaneously) is missing so I have to use other DAWs for what I wanna do and nowadays Renoise gets no use at all really.

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Cherry Audio Arp 2600 , sounds like a wet newspaper .(
Toneboosters dual vcf , it sounds decent but the analogue modelling is poor , I expected Cytomic ‘the drop’ quality .:slight_smile:
I was a big fan of their early products but nowadays not so much anymore .
There are hardly any feature updates to make it sound better .

$1 Genesis Pro
Very unstable.
CPU hog
32bit only. Right out the gate said use JBridge for 64bit.
Trojan Virus…false positive…i think…or is it?
Guy hyped it up, dropped it and left.
It seems like a cool synth if it were done a bit better. I wanted to like it., but i don’t think any of the above got addressed and now the site is gone. Was it a scam? Crypto mining app? Who knows?
Considering the dev is an artist with a reputation on the line I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe just ended up biting off more than he could handle with it. It went down in such a way that had me questioning if there was something shady going on, but idk.

Sektor from Initial Audio… All of the sounds are sucky and pretty much useless to me.

One of my favorite OLD VSTi’s is Rob Papen Albino 3 and Predator 3. I still pull those out all the time.

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Wow, didn’t think I would see predator pop up, that was my very first synth purchase, the first edition, I learned how to program on that baby :blush:

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Fuck, where do I start: All the plugins from Brainworx I’ve bought (not that I own all), same with Softube, plus whatever else mixing plguin that promised to give you authentic analog sheen, shine, blah blah blah to your tracks. Not that they are bad. It’s just that I was suffering from GAS and I wasn’t happy with life at the time, so I just bought shit to fill a void. Like, I love Soundtoys, but I don’t need to own the entire set.



Yeah, tried it once, then never used it again.

Ha, yeah, some of that comment resonated with me. Buying to fill a void, on “unlock my potential” as if a VST would solve my issue of procrastination.

tbf the pricing on NI stuff seems geared towards either you need this for a one off project, or just buy komplete.

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Pigments 2 and Ozone. Pigments doesn’t have much utlility that serum has and I already owned Omnisphere. Ozone is just not the most useful tool for the price point.

One that I still like that I don’t think you can buy anymore is TK-Psychofilter. It’s quick and easy to get EQ results that you hear in your head without wasting a bunch of time. It’s worth sailing the seas for if you can find it.

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