Vsts's not found ( older projects from 32 to 64 bit )

SO I opened up some old projects that were made on my old computer ,32 bit plugins , all legit
Renoise tells me it doesn’t find the vst’s
I can manually just insert them but I have no idea which preset I used for the vst since these are saved with the song file
The problem lies with the fact that the older versons were 32 bit plugins only , and renoise dos not replace them with the 64 bit versions

Any workaround for this ?

If Renoise doesn’t find the 32bit VSTs for whatsoever, you can bridge them to 64bit. Try JBridge, it works well. But of course there’s no guarantee being successful. Personally I never had any problems finding a 32bit VST with Renoise on a 64bit operating system. Nearly every 32bit VST works fine on a 64bit operating system, and those who don’t can be bridged.

No ,no that’s not what I meant
The projects were made on my old laptop with the 32 bit versions of the plugin , on my newer pc these plugins are now replaced with the 64 bit versions
The problem is that when I load these older projects , renoise doesn’t find these new plugins because it’s searching for the 32 bit plugs ( which are not in the folder )
O h well , I.m just gonna install the old 32 bit versions and point to a 32 bit folder , problem is that togu audio line servers are verry slow atm

I see. That’s the problem: You are now using completely different plugins than you used before, so of course Renoise can’t find them when you’re running your old projects. It doesn’t matter if it’s “the same” plugin in 64bit instead of 32bit, nevertheless it’s a complete different one.

I.m just gonna install the old 32 bit versions and point to a 32 bit folder

That’s the solution of your problem, yes.

Noppes no luck
Downloaded 32 bit version of Talmmod , pointed renoiser to a 32 bit folder and still says plugin not found (enabled re-scan on start up )

Maybe it’s not possible running “the same” 32bit and 64bit VST at the same time. I would try it again after unchecking the path to the 64bit VST folder and restartng Renoise. If this won’t help you may have to deinstall the 64bit version first. If ithe 32bit version is still not there bridge it with JBridge. And if ithat doesn’t work it probably won’t work at all. But I’m not an expert, so it could also be that I’m wrong and there’s an option for adjustment somewhere within Renoise I don’t know or something like that.

making Renoise 3.2 find them is usually not the problem, but making them actually work, can be an issue since the 0.1 increment from 3.1 has been made. i can’t get good old steinberg hypersonic to work at all for example, as it always crashes when loaded.

what you have to make 100% sure is, that the name of the VST(i) renoise registers after the scan complies entirely to the identifier saved within your .xrns

if it doesn’t, then you’ll get a “missing plugin” info.

there are two ways you can solve this issue:

  1. simply rename the .dll file of the respective plugin exactly to what renoise tells you would be missing, then rescan again
  2. extract song.xml from the xrns file, edit the song.xml, search for the VST identifier entry / entries and rename it/them to what the name of the actually installed .dll is, then place the .xml back into the xrns container and save it.

i have done this about 10 gazillion times in my life. it’s cumbersome, exhausting, but unfortunately the only way to reawake older projects.

sometimes they don’t even have to be explicitly old. a simple update from a vendor is enough to break things, because he decided that a name change would be a great idea jumping from e.g. v1.52 to v1.53 or whatever :smiley:

I started to use the copy-paste buffer for identifier replacement. It might not be suitable, if you have to replace many plugin identifiers, but you can copy the device, then “paste it” into a text editor like VSCode or TextEdit (all copy buffer in Renoise is in XML text), then edit the node and then paste it back to Renoise. So you also do not need to reload the song.

@taktik I wish Renoise had such a functionality by its own, or would provide the required API to build such a tool, e.g. “auto identifier updater”, but keeping automation and so.

This works fine for instruments, since they are automated thru the automation device. It is problematic, if you automated a FX plugin, you will loose then all automation, so it is better here to edit the song.xml.

This kind of thing sucks. Hasn’t happened with Renoises to me (yet). But in other DAWs I’ve had this happen to me a bunch of times.

It makes me paranoid about updating anything. If it works, it works. And generally I’m not touching it unless I need the new features. Or it becomes unavoidable because it gets forced down my throat. Which sadly happens more and more often as things become cloud/subscription based. That also makes it more difficult to keep old installers.

The most important lesson I learned is to render all my individual tracks to audio. Not just a stereo mixdown.This way I at least have all the sounds of the tune. And it can serves as a proper reference, if nothing else.

Typing this I realize that somewhere along the way I stopped making screenshots and keeping detailed notes of the plugin settings. Used to be meticulous about that. So I would have a roadmap to recall things even if all the sounds were lost.

Anyway, it is good to know that you can extract and edit the .xml file. Thanks @keith303.