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Hey, my friend and I want to make music together on Renoise, we don´t live in the same city all year long and we found out that trough “VSTunnel” you could do it… “Camo & Krooked” made most of their tunes trough this program, but not long ago the server has been shut down.

We looked for other similar programs and found “Digital musician” (http://www.digitalmusician.net/) (My name on it is evermind too)
Now we downloaded it both but we don´t really know how to make it work heh… (yes I checked the help http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/ReWire)

I open renoise than I open the “Rewire slave” and set it up and then how can we hear each others music?


ReWire is for connecting different programs on your computer together, as long as they are capable of being ReWire Masters or Slaves. Has nothing to do with colaborating remotely, it is a system designed by Propellerhead of Reason fame (and Steinberg.)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rewire (has list of software.)


there’s ALOT of work ahead of you young grasshopper EVERMIND for the ways of shaolin Renoise colaberation are but a journey away… First we’ll have look at your limbs so you can react faster in the event of a sudden attack… The saccred art of the “NINJAM” my friend will have you on the right path to inlightenment… lol.

Check it out. NINJAM may be what your looking for… In the Renoise channel mattwolfe and I had this conversation and were about to use the demo version of VSTunnel but what we found was that the servers are COMPLETELY down and there’s not actually anywhere to download that proggie… so i think it’s actully defunct =( RIP VSTunnel… it was a good idea tho… PLEASE pm me if you get NINJAM working with Renoise… It should work in theory but havn’t tried it as of yet… still have it on my system unextracted… Anyway… Hope this helps…



Worth getting inline foe an Ohm Studio Beta, while you explore other options:


Looked at something like Indabamusic, too?

edit: Found a few other ones too - starting with Internet Jam Session Software / llcon. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, they also do the service of compiling a few others (both commercial & F/OSS). Samplejack looks real interesting too. I’m going to try llcon out right now!

[center]HAHA! Yeah Guillaume suggested this to me actully. Looks cool. Good one Wot Gwaan!!


niNja_poWn3d lol loved your reply ^^

I will try to make ninjam (or illcon) work tomorrow… But what exactly does this program do? (well I am not sure :) )

Like I sit in front of my computer and make, lets say, a beat. And I am connected with my friend trough one of these programs.

-Will the other person hear what I am doing?( Well I suppose so but hey, I did not try it out yet…)

-Will the other person have the beat on his pattern too? (That would be awesome!)

;) Glad ya like it =D[center]
[/center]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninjam - Check it. Also this looks pretty promising http://www.ohmstudio.com/ask/for/beta. [center][font=verdana, arial, tahoma, sans-serif]
[/center][center][font=verdana, arial, tahoma, sans-serif]

Yeah Ninjam worked but its hard to get a host where you can be alone with another person, there are mostly some people jamming around on actual instruments, and if you manage to be alone with your friend, 2 minutes later some guys will appear… I mean you can mute other persons but the BPM is set for the whole host, so if they want to play on 90 BPM and me on 175, well it´s not working.