VU meter is grey, even when send device has no target

When a send device doesn’t have any target, the audio signal will not be muted. But the VU meter still shows the grey color.
Little graphical bug, can be confusing:

Renoise 3.4.2, Windows 10

What’s confusing? There is some audio on the channel, why would vu meter not show its level?

Grey = Muted audio

But it’s not muted in this case. It should be colored, until a correct target in the send device has been set.

But it is on the screenshot - you have the “Mute source” selected

Yeah, but as i mentioned. When no target is set, then the channel is not muted. So the VU could be still colored.

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Yeah you’re right, I tried it myself and it’s weird - if there is no Receiver, then shouldn’t there be silence with the “mute source” option selected (and then the greyed out vu would be correct)?
This makes no sense, that the source is theoretically muted, yet the sound is coming from somewhere but vu meter shows that it shouldn’t…

Yep. I thnk the whole send device needs an upgrade. Would be awesome to route audio directly to track channels, too. I currently use the sidechain device with a dummy sidechain receiver plugin as workaround.