Vu Meters In The Tracks

like this:

i think it’s very handy and make it a bit easier to see wich track is playing

once again:
those are fake: they respond to the volume value (00…64), not to amplitude.

this of course does not mean that an amplitude-responding VU meter would not be useful, though I still think it would :)

If this would be built-in with renoise.
And they ARE Responding to the Db’s of the tracks.
It would be very usefull.
IF you have one channel shooting out but have lot’s of tracks,
you could easely spot it.

But my suggestion is still to add them to the maybe-ever-there Mixer inside Renoise.

Wasn’t v3.15 the version they added real VU meters? I remember it was one of the last versions… :)

i remember i asked for Vu meter in track ( also fake are ok :slight_smile:

just for the visual appeal they have when you play live… and i guess i ll be able to trust 1.5 enough to play live with it…


For checking if a channel is active or not, the osciloscope do the task well enough IMO. Althoug some good, non-fake VU-meters would be nice. A mixer would be nice :D

i’d like it if it were one of the scope-views. maybe one like the oscs. but with the boxes divided up to accommodate 8 vu’s per track and the instrument ## at the bottom of each vu. i think that more than 8 active signals are more to kep an eye on in a single track anyway.

level-meters in tracks is a bad solution … to much action in the screen to keep the overview …

i would prefer this solution B)

level-meters also discussed … read this thread

Think either or both would be good.

If the discop is going to be changed to mid view then AMKs suggestion may be more usable. If not I think the track meters could be more convenient. If the track ones were implemented would be good to have configuration for on/off tho.

The ultimate for overview and convenient control would/ will be a mixer solution tho…

track scopes are just fine! :yeah:

I can only say that this ‘screenshot’ looks awesome, I would really like it to be included in Renoise.