Dont know if you know these, I hope not …


Proud germans…

I want one of these sooo f****ing bad! I can’t decide wheather I’m going to put a down payment on a new GTI or buy a new crotch rocket. VW reprezent… time to unpimp ze ride… say vaat… what?

i want new honda civic type-r :)

A simple Corsa will do just fine for me

For a moment there I thought you meant one of these things: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:CorsaEnvoy12v.jpg

It’s some months I found out that commercial… I simply can’t help but laughing out loud every time the actor says “Vee-Doub” for VolksWagen :lol:
He’s even one of my msn avatars :rolleyes: :lol:

Yo Mike yoo van uz to unpimp dis thing let ma here yoo say -VAT?-

:lol: me too

i didnt even check vvoois link until i saw your post

I’d be happy if my car would be fixed again.

At least, my frigde in the car is still working :)

They kind of miss the target audience with these, since GTI’s are mostly driven by pimp-my-ride-loving chavs. Fun commercials though. I want a 2006 Eclipse… http://www.mitsubishicars.com/06eclipse/ , but I’ll probably end up with some old 90’s coupe like a Honda Prelude or Mazda MX-3.