W.I.P. - voting

it’s logical to vote for one feature only one time - ok!

but why i can’t vote for another feature??? or is it a bug in W.I.P.??? i want to vote for 3 of the offered features?!

I think that would be because if you vote for many features it won’t give any priority to one, and the developpers won’t be able to decide which one to take care of first… That kinda makes sense :)

(unless i’m wrong and it’s a bug, of course :unsure: )

That’s correct. If you read the poll text carefully you see that we ask for which feature is the most important to you for the release just after 1.25, not wether you like all the ideas or not. Pick the most important one, and that one will gain priority.

And note that we’ll add more stuff to vote for soon.

ok :rolleyes: