Wah Wah?

Lo folks,

How would you put together a nice wah wah sound using the internal DSPs - one or several filters? what types? where’s the magic wah frequencies? A nice distortion pre or post filters? Can you use that Hydra to nice effect.

I’m trying to reduce my reliance on VSTi sounds as I switch Win/Linux a fair bit.

Nice one and thanks in advance,


A wah wah is just a bandpass filter
So start with that ;)


filter + lfo

Wah Wah sounds? Use the 0FXY or 01XX/02XX command instead of filters and LFOs. Pitchbending system is better than using Filter Cutoffs and resonances.


Thank you all for your informative replies. I looked at this earlier on -


There’s some great info on 1st/2nd formants for vowel sounds. From the site -

So either of these filter types, set around the relevant formant frequencies described in the article should make a tasty wah-wah? Sounds easy on paper.

This is intended to be used on some analogue sample(s) (saw,sine etc). So maybe I can whack in a distortion before the filter to increase harmonic content, and combine filters to increase resonance around the peak and stop the arse falling out of the tone. I’ll have a play around.

I’d be interested to see how it can be done using pitchbend effects. This sounds like the easiest route but I’m not sure how it could work.

wah + pitchbend = step sequenced bootsy collins :walkman:

Again, cheers for the info and your time.


Slap a bunch of Blue Cat’s Triple EQ on the track, and for each automate frequency and bandwith with two LFOs… adjust to taste… I dunno if it’s wah wah, but it rulaise anyway :huh: