Wahrk - Delve

My new EP delve is out!

Nicholas J. Cumberbund

It’s on the wonderful Karakasa Music.

(all tracks made entirely in Renoise except “Firefly”)

Hehe, but firefly i like most :) Nice EP :)

Very nice little EP, enjoyed it a lot. Hard to pick a favourite track! First one (both parts) are really good, blended so well that at first didn’t realise it was technically two tracks. Not sure there was really much need to separate them. Firefly was very nice, can tell it’s slightly different approach from the others, maybe due to it being the only one not fully Renoise. Nicolas J Cumberbund is also very decent, but on multiple listens reckon it’s between Shadowrunner and Firefly. :)

Thanks a bunch kazakore! Shadowrunner was made as one song with one xrns and whatnot. I just split it later, mostly so the two halves could be used for different mixes or whatnot if need be. For example, Downtown fits more easily into a groovier or clubbier mix, while Rush is more for the breakcore/dnb crowd.

Firefly’s actually all Ableton, to the extent of not even using VSTs. It was a challenge I set for myself.

Nice tracks, thanks for the EP!

Beginning of Polygon city is little uncomfortable to listen with headphones because of the panning, when the sound is all way on the left channel it feels like my right ear is exploding & vice versa. Maybe little dithering or not all the way panning?

Tracks I like most are Shadow Runner Phace 1, Nicholas J. & Firefly.

Lovely! I like all the tracks, but particularly Polygon City - great work there. I don’t mind the panning at the start on headphones, I think it adds interest.