Wahrk - Metamateria

Made entirely in Renoise. I hope you enjoy it.

Now out on Karakasa Music:

Swamp King

like it a lot. thank you for sharing.

Thanks. :D

Quite nice little EP. Think Elemental + Rabbits And Wolves were my favourite but was listening at work where it’s easy to get distracted.

:D Yeah, I’m definitely most proud of those two.

Now remixed, remastered, and re-released!

i liked rabits and wolfs

This is cool stuff! Downloaded cause it had ‘materia’ in the album name. And loving the rest of the album too :) Thanks for sharing!

Just noticed Ultros is your avatar… double points :D

Yeah, I like that tune a lot myself.


hey man , big like on this ep its great !

Very annoying panning on couple of tracks. For example the break on Elemental is panned slightly to the right which is extremely disturbing when listening on headphones.

Hmmm. That shit’s hard center, but I do hear that. Dropping that track down to mono, it looks like the original stereo sample I was using is the culprit. :confused: