Wahrk - Winter On Ganymede

My new album Winter on Ganymede is out now on Karakasa Music for free (and under a Creative Commons license!).

Illustration by Topher Sipes (tophersipes.com)

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Enjoy! (and let me know what you think) :)

nice album … this reminded me bogdan raczynski … nice style

Cool, starts off sounding kinda 8-bit / SNES-like with happy Mario type start and darker Metroid type sound around track 3. Second half sounds more evolved and modern.

Interesting album title, although Ganymede doesn’t really have an axial tilt, tangible atmosphere or vaguely oblique orbit, so the idea of seasons or weather on such a body is redundant.

Thanks guys. :)

Yeah, the second half of the album is definitely a little deeper and more…introspective?

And yeah, I read a good bit about Ganymede before I chose that as the title. It’s more the feel than anything factual behind it though.

All good, I can dig it - a bit of space opera romance like the classic sci-fi stuff: Asimov, Arthur C Clarke - not factually accurate but doesn’t matter when its so imaginative and vivid.

Nice! Digging the synth sounds. Not a big fan of some of the compositions - rather meandering, but hey that’s personal taste. Sounds really polished too so great work.

holy smokes this is good! looking forward to burning this onto cd for the car}:A

listening now…

dig the first track!

be back later for the rest :)


minor movements was the best IMO