Waldorf Attack problem

Im having a wierd problem with the good ol´ Waldorf Attack drum synth. I can load the plugin and the built-in presets, but when I load my own fxp files (or hit the randomize button)no sound comes out. Its probably a problem with the plug, as I can load fxp´s in other plugins with any problems. Does anyone have a clue what the problem could be? Im using Renoise 32Bit - V3.0.0 b7.


Sometimes when you hit randomise it will set volume or filter cutoff to 0. If you post the file here I can test it with my copy

Best glitch/fx VST imo!

@midi error, Thank you for your reply and +1 on the glitch/fx!! Well the biggest problem is that nothing happens when I load my own fxp files. I can see Attack reacting when im pressing the keys, but no sound comes out. Im not at my comp now so I cant post a file. I take it that Attack is working properly for you in Renoise? Man, I need to get this plug working in Renoise :confused:

PS: U the same midierror who posted the Attack vid on youtube? Luv that one:D

I finally figured it out :walkman: Seems that I have to manually activate all Attack channels in Renoise under > output and routing, when loading my own fxp files, doh :blink:

Yeah? Wow that seems convoluted…then again attack works in quite a peculiar way. That`s me yeah - I designed the software to work with a keyboard and 16 ccs (and Minihost by TobyBear) so I could play FX with a band.

I havent tried it in Renoise 3 yet, Im gonna experiment now