Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

Just came across this; Waldorf is about to release a keyboard version of their excellent Blofeld synthesizer.
This might be a good option for Renoisers in need of a midi keyboard and awesome synth sounds.
I don’t know if the controllers are configurable yet, but if so, this might be a great option, especially at the very nice price of £649.00.

In addition to the standard Blofeld specs, it adds a midi out plus 60mb of sample memory :)
Check it out here:

I’m really into getting a Blofeld, but not with the keyboard. I like the size of that little machine. although that 60 mb sample memory could be interesting.

Yeah, the desktop version is more appealing to me as well, as I already have a very good keyboard synth. But for someone not owning a keyboard, this synth looks like fantastic value.


i try to use Blofeld in renoise.
Work ok if A bank selected in midi device
but i want to change the bank in renoise, then Blofeld didnt respond for midibank change message.

i try to use blofeld vst editor (unofficial) and that is wont work at all…like virusTI editor
anyone use blofeld desktop with renoise , help me please thank you…


these are the values you can use to change the banks of your Blofeld:

Bank (Blofeld) : Bank (Renoise/Instrument Settings/MIDI Properties/Device: Waldorf Blofeld)

A : 0
B : 128
C : 256
D : 384
E : 512
F : 640
G : 768
H : 896

The Blofeld manual mentions Ctrl# 0 and Ctrl# 32 for “Bank Select”. However, I’ve not worked out how to use the *MIDI-Control Device to change the bank this way.