Waldorf Largo patch save and recall

Hi all. By way of introduction I’m a new user for maybe the last month or so, and I’m very much still learning. I used to use Octamed on an Amiga about 30 years ago, but haven’t sequenced music since those days. Getting back into it due to the enforced layoff from work (music biz admin).

I like the power of Renoise and the fact I can get my head round it easier than Cubase, Logic, GarageBand etc., because I used trackers before. So I was able to create songs within a few days of downloading Renoise, and I’m using samples, my old midi gear (Novation Bass Station rack, Roland Juno 2, Quasimidi 309), plus a Waldorf VST called Largo, which is replacing my old Waldorf Micro Wave 2. Now, I know that Waldorf wavetable synths aren’t for everyone, but I loved my old Micro Wave and the Largo is a cool replacement for it…BUT…I find the file system of it very clunky and almost unworkable. It came with some soundsets installed (the factory set of 128, all programmed by Waldorf, plus a few other sets from outside programmers). I love to edit and muck about with sounds so I program my own a lot. But the system for saving these is bad (they end up as individual sounds stored on my Mac, and don’t show in the Largo’s “Browse” screen).

Has anyone got around this, and is there a simple way for Largo to store your own patches and arrange them in your own soundset, rather than as individual sounds floating around my Mac? Cheers all.

Renoise has a save Instrument function… I’m sure most users, like myself, have been using it for the XRNI’s we make - such as drum kits, sampled bass, etc, etc…

but I just checked, and apparently you can use it to save vst presets you make as well.

You literarily could save every Largo preset you want, as a XRNI, and it will load right up.

In the instrument box, left click on your instance of Largo, and choose “save instrument as.” Give name, put in fav folder…

Oh, that’s really good to know. Thanks.

Any tips on where to keep all these sound files ; maybe I should make folders for bass, lead, pads etc.? Or is that complicating things too much?

I would make sub folders for bass, leads, pads.

AFAIK, Renoise does not currently give the option to write attributes into the preset, and does not search through preset folders looking for presets that might be tagged, “bass, aggressive,” or, “pad, airy.”