Walk This Way..


Trying to learn how to make jungle. Just pads, and extra sounds! I wish I was better with the beats and all. Hopefully in six months.


Thank you to everybody for help here: https://forum.renoise.com/t/how-do-you-program-old-school-jungle/27145



warning - turn down your monitors - track has explosion in the beginning


hehe, see you’re making friends on KVR :)

Your track sounds like it has got a filter on top only letting through mid to high freqs. Why not get a few bass samples or vsti lines on top, try to divide your song not only in tracks with different samples but also think about using the complete frequency spectrum. We’re humans, not bats! :wink:

Thing about repetition is that it doesn’t matter how you program your beats, if it repeats enough times your brain will eventually adapt and your unorthodox start is doing that. If you keep at it for 6 months, is that your deadline? hehe. Surely, you’ll achieve your drum-programming nirvana!

How did you make this? Sounds like your not using separate samples, but 9XX offsets on loops? Have you tried cutting breaks in pieces already using cut & paste in the sample editor?



The bass is programmed so far on the floor, you would need a massive sound system to hear it. But next time around, I will try and put something in the c2 - c4 range.


That would be cool.

I used the Aeorosmith, “walk this way,” break. Pitched, up, retriggered, all kinds of a mess. I also chopped up to other breaks, to grab a tom for the 1st beat of every 8 bars, and click for the last.

2 sine waves, at c1. very long delays on them.

I made the pad with an 8,000 milisecond release on Sugar-Bytes Unique, and the huge distorted sliding, delayed saws on Rapture.

I haven’t tried slicing up the beats all kinds of proper yet. Taking my time. I will get to it on sunday? monday, hopefully

Thanks again,
cheers mate