Wandering Aimlessly

Feedback request?

I just knocked out the song below quite quickly. It occurs to me that it was a piano riff that turned into a song somehow without me intending for that to happen.

When I finished, it perhaps re-inforced the fact that all of my songs lately have been… well… soft!

So I’m listening to this, and I’m thinking, this may be the most hardcore elevator music I’ve ever heard, which is not something I ever intended to aim for…


Feedback is welcome… mostly I’m just curious if this is boring, or perhaps I’m jaded because I’ve been listening to too much hardcore/freeform lately?



i think the intro needs some work, overall a feel good song. kinda like milk inc vs moby. (sry i just have to compare to stuff i know… bad habbit… perhaps.)

could use a better buildup but the feel is certainly there already.

Thanks for checking it out. The intro is kind of simple, but I tend to get too complicated quite often, so at least it’s a change. (Full disclosure: I admit I got lazy on this song!)

Speaking of that, I’ve noticed that most of the releases on renoise seem very “cut up” in terms of breakbeats… I suppose it’s out of style to use a natural break nowadays. =)

Of course, your 100% right, it does sound like Moby. I don’t intend for that to happen… honestly. I think if you reach for a piano and a string, then basically it’s going to sound like Moby no matter what. =)

I think its kinda moby too, but in a very good way.
Good work :slight_smile: