want more themepresets

if you’ve made some colorthemes for renoise please send them to me (taktik@renoise.com)and I will include them in the next release. but be fast, the next release will be soon :)

i just sent you next bugpack, i hope i havn’t delayed much the next release date :)

Hey Zed! What’s the point of Taktik working his ass off if you keep sending him new bugs? Will you please stop that!!!


lol… i’ve found a dozen of bugs in command engine, after all, you should thank me…

hehe… i must agree with zed (at least once i agree with him) this time :)
more bugs we discover and fix means more stable final release but also more delayed release. the question is only… what you prefer - less bugs and delayed release or vice versa.

hehehe… just kidding…

Oh… by the way Zed… You need to watch your back! Now both Taktik and Phazze has more posts than you! You still have the upper hand on pulsar by about 30 posts but he may steal that bronze medal of yours if you don’t watch out! :)

lol… i could get the gold if i post all bug reports in the forum :) but anyway, the gold is mine when the new release out :)

well… i remember there was wallpapper topic where we both were happy :)

hehe… anyway someone please make a c64 color scheme, i am too lazy to do it myself you see. :P