Want To Get On An Electronic Music Compilation?

check this out

Tight deadline :D

thats like 5 months… to make 1 track…
how long does it take you?
i could make an album or 2 in that time.

at least it’s a free downloadable compilation. I remember the days back in the late 90’s-early 00’s when i would get all kinds of invitations to be on a physical cd compilation, when in reality, it was a quick and relatively smart way to make a couple hundred dollars to print up a cheap cd® package that includes about 15 to 20 artists and sell them back to the very same artists on them.
the old poetry.com would do the same thing. You send in a poem, and then a while later you get this letter in the mail telling you how much of a literary genious you are and that they are going to publish your poem in a book. (A BOOK CONTAINING POEMS FROM OTHER WRITERS WHO SUBMITTED TO THEM!?!) Of course they hope that you buy the book, or perhaps bay and extra 30 dollars to get the one in leather cover with your name on it, so that the writer can show all their friends that they are published in a real book) lol why didn’t i think of that business, j/k it’s kind of a sham