Want to remix this track?

Hey folks!
Me and my buddy Lukas are looking for remixers for this track:
(here you’ll find the original track, and the remix kit)
EDIT: Original track can also be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/novadope/high-powered-mutants-queefer-madness-promo?in=novadope/sets/high-powered-mutants

Anyone up for it? B)

The original track is a few years old, and kinda weird - but we’re planning on releasing it anyway - digitally/properly (spotify, itunes, etc) - soon,
either on our upcoming EP, or as a single if we have some good remixes to go with it. Probably on our own independent label, just to get the stuff out there somehow.

I myself have already made a funky house remix of it - but we feel more fun can be done with it, up to 3-4 more remixes could be interesting :)

Stylewise we’re basically looking for… anything interesting. Breakbeat, lounge, chill, dubstep, IDM, breakcore, house, techno, dnb, garage, funk, rock, metal, jazz, or yes whatever…
(Only thing I can think of that we DON’T want is trance, that’s just not interesting in this particular case).

I’m afraid there’s no “price” or free blowjob coming with this, other than being featured on the release.
And if there is any income of sales at all (probably very little…) you’ll get 50% off of your remix,

If you’re up for it - and we like the result - we can also get it mastered for you, if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

If you spend a lot of time on it, and we still don’t feel it’s the right one for the release - you’re free to put it out on your personal soundcloud/myspace/whatever, as an unofficial remix, no problem,

So, yeah… any Queefers out there? :D

I liked the track! Funky and original!

Hey, I like the track. I got some idea’s for some groove. I’ll give it a try, downloading it anyways. We’ll see how it goes!

Hey great, give it a shot!

I’ll give a try too, but i do not have much spare time. :(
When is the deadline?

Great! Well, we are hoping to release this within the end of march or early may, so the remixes should be ready preferrably within the middle of march (at latest). But the sooner the better! Give it shot, we appreciate the effort!

thanks flasher!

just wanted to bump this, in case there is more people interested in doing a remix here?
hopefully we already got a couple of remixes going on, but it’s still wide open

EDIT: how’s it going Garmonbozia and Lorenzo? :)

anyone else interested?

… can’t get in touch with the two who I thought were working on something, so I’m bumping this again :)